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The Mahogany Market in Tagaytay City

The Mahogany Market in Tagaytay City is a famous stopover or a place for break in the journey of travelers going to Tagaytay. This is where friends and family or groups meet before exploring the city or before going back to Manila or their place of origin. The Mahogany market in Tagaytay is famous for its homegrown/local beef that is sold at a very reasonable price. They still make use of the old fashioned big tree trunks as chopping boards. Most visitors of this cool city would like to take home some beef for their family and loved ones. The Mahogany market is also known for the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables being sold in there. There are also vendors peddling other Filipino delicacies and souvenir stuff to bring back home around the market. There are also herbs, bonsai plants, flowering plants, and even fruit trees being sold here. There are also food stalls that cater to hungry and adventurous visitors who would like to try some famous exotic and sumptuous local dishes, like the most favored Beef Bulalo or Bone Marrow Soup, Soup No.5 or soup from bull’s testicles and/or penis, the fried tawilis which is small but delicious fresh water fish, Lugaw or congee with beef tripe and sometimes beef intestines. It will not be a problem for people who would just like to stick to ordinary Filipino dishes because the food stalls in Mahogany Market also have regular dishes that do not include any inside part of a cow except its meat. The next time you go to Tagaytay City do not forget to pass by Mahogany Market for your fresh fruit, plant, and beef ‘pasalubong’ or souvenir and try at least one of their exotic foods.

photos: Southbound

photos: Do or not Do (there are still many pics of Mahogany Market from this site)