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Raja: an authentic Korean Restaurant in the heart of Tagaytay City

In the heart of Tagaytay City is a Korean Restaurant that serves authentic Korean Dishes. Raja Authentic Korean Restaurant is situated in Magallanes Square, Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay City. The place is owned and managed by Koreans and the sumptuous dishes are prepared by a real Korean Chef. The place is frequented by Koreans and Filipinos alike. The curiousity of Filipinos on Korean Foods which eventually turned to love and liking it started from a Korean Teleserye ‘Jewel in the Palace’, it is about the skills of a beautiful Korean cook that prepares the food of the Korean King and it features the beauty of preparation and presentation, sumptuous taste, and nutritional value of Korean Foods. The ambiance of Raja is that of a cozy and homey restaurant with Korean and Asian accents and decors. They have bamboo ceilings, pendant lamps with warm lights, and ample use of wood and bamboo in the interiors of the place. They have regular western tables and low tables where you would have to sit on the floor, with cushions of course, is available if you would want to try and feel how Koreans dine. The place also have Function Rooms, Karaoke Rooms, and a Korean Grocery. According to one of their staff, their best-sellers are Galbi Chim, Bibimbap, Samgyupsal, and Chadol. Most Korean dishes are spicy and with a bit of sweetness, so for those of you who are not into too much spice you have to tell them beforehand of your preference. They offer quite a lot of appetizers including their famous ‘Kimchi’. We tried their Galbi Chim, Jap Che, and a Mackerel fish dish and several of their appetizers. Raja really serves reasonably priced authentic Korean foods that would also suit the Filipino palate. For weekend travelers and visitors of Tagaytay City who would want a taste of Korea while in this cool city, head on to Raja Authentic Korean Restaurant.

The Restaurant

The Food



Jap Che
Galbi Chim
O Jing Eo Bokum
Chado Bak E

Seng Galbi
Mackerel Fish

The Function Rooms

The Grocery