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The Calaruega Church in Tagaytay City

The Calaruega Church in Tagaytay City is a very popular place for wedding ceremonies. Although Calaruega Church is actually located near the Nasugbu, Batangas area, people often refer this place to Tagaytay City, and it is always included in the list of places to go of tourists visiting Tagaytay. The peacefulness and tranquil surroundings of Calaruega Church makes it a popular tourist spot in this city. With the many flowering plants in the garden, the cool and inviting mountain breeze, a very panoramic view as backdrop to this place, many lovers visit this place and vows to come back to Calaruega Church for their wedding. Weddings held in this place are usually the intimate kind, where only close friends and relatives are present during the ceremony because the church itself is not that big. And the reception is usually held in one of the finest restaurants or famous eating places in Tagaytay City. This romantic place was once the setting for one of my college friend’s proposal, the wedding did not materialize but this place still holds precious memories for both of them. Maybe there is something magical in this wonderfully serene place that makes lovers make promises that they would love keep for the rest of their lives. There is a very nice prominent statue of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in the middle of a hill and from there you can see a very scenic view of the surrounding places below. The next time you consider to have a wedding proposal or when you are looking for a church for your intimate wedding, try to visit the Calaruega Church in Tagaytay City. Or just visit Calaruega Church the next time you and your family and friends troop to Tagaytay City.