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The Residence Inn

The Residence Inn in Tagaytay is a popular destination among people who visit Tagaytay. It is also a regular stop for field trips among schools in the Philippines. The Residence Inn has a conference hall, restaurant, rooms for rent, playground, and several viewdecks where you can have a panoramic view of the famous Taal Volcano. Aside from these amenities, Residence Inn is most famous for its mini zoo, the zoo has Serpentarium, Aviary, Honey Bee Farm, and offers a wide range of other animals for you and your family to see. They allow feeding for certain animals and you can have your picture taken with some of the animals. Kids really find it special if they can have their pictures taken with the yellow python and the tigers. Some would like to have a ride and photos with the pony. Residence Inn also offers a magic show to its visitors every weekends, it is one of the longest running magic shows in the country. There are also food stalls and kiosks inside the Residence Inn and some souvenir shops wherein you can buy items made in Tagaytay and from nearby places to bring back home. The Residence Inn in Tagaytay is one of the must see places the next time you visit Tagaytay City.