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Paradizoo – A theme farm in Tagaytay City

Paradizoo theme farm is located in Mendez Cavite a town just a few minutes away from Tagaytay City. Most people who visit Tagaytay would include Paradizoo in their itinerary especially those coming from Manila City because these people would love to experience and see farm life even for just a few hours. Paradizoo has a lush Flower Garden with different varieties of the most popular and beautiful flowers you can find in the Philippines. The flower garden will please anybody’s eyes even those who are not flower enthusiasts. The cool climate and beautiful weather of Tagaytay makes it easier to take care of these beautiful flowering plants like the Doña Aurora, Doña Luz, Scarlet Beauty, Hibiscus, Purple Crumble, among others. Paradizoo also has a Vegetable Farm filled with organically grown vegetables which guests and visitors can buy and bring home. Paradizoo also has a Perpetual Park a pet cemetery for your pets and animals. Losing a pet that we love can be a very depressing experience but having a place for them after where we can visit them is a good way to ease a little of our gloom from their passing. Paradizoo also offers a zoo for a wide variety of Farm Animals and like the vegetables and plants in their garden the visitors and guests can also buy farm animals in this theme farm. This place also offers accommodations for people who want to stay overnight or even days in this garden/farm/zoo place. This is a good place to bring your kids to stroll and have your family picnics. Children will definitely enjoy a visit in this farm themed zoo and will definitely create in them a love for nature and the farm life. Paradizoo is a good place to experience farm life and at the same time have a great time with your family and friends when you are in Tagaytay.

Flower Garden

Vegetable Farm

Perpetual Park

Farm Animals


photo: Paradizoo